Corporate Courses

Corporate Courses

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 The Boston School specializes in creating professional English courses for companies of all sizes with headquarters in Switzerland or those with multiple locations throughout the country. 

We can teach either online, face-to-face or combine both to deliver a programme that suits your team best.

We have strong ties with the English teaching community through having volunteered for seven years as the Zurich Regional Coordinator of ETAS – the English Teacher Association of Switzerland. 

The Boston School is an institutional member of ETAS and we encourage our teachers to keep their training up-to-date by attending the many workshops ETAS makes available.

Course Design

There are many ways we can design courses. 

Most companies require that their employees are exposed to business English terms and improve their communication skills by using quality course books. 

Some may require their employees improve their language ability by setting a goal to pass the BEC Vantage or BEC Higher Cambridge Business English ESOL exam.

Others may specifically request that employees are engaged in class in practicing real-life business scenarios. 

This can be by creating activities where employees explain the technical aspects of their work, practice sales role plays or meeting negotiations and telephone calls. 

Anything that will help them with building their confidence in English to complete their actual work duties.

Our teachers know how to customize courses to integrate company topics into the lessons. 

Here is a small excerpt of a company word list developed for students using their company website and an internal manual.

It is something which has been done repeatedly to align learning needs to company day to day requirements. The standard course book examples may not be relevant, hence this use of other word lists and content to help students to engage more with clients or with colleagues.  

Not every company needs such service and our teachers know how to adapt to the different requirements specified up front.

Our goal is to present a course that matches the philosophy and goals of the company.

We set the course pace that suits each group and we create a class dynamic that encourages learning through open communication between teacher and students.

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Meet Some Past and Present Clients

Some great companies and their staff

Long established in the Zurich Area, The Boston School has provided lessons in a variety of towns across Switzerland.

It has also meant we have helped staff in different business sectors from banking and chemicals to precision parts and sanitaryware wholesaling. 

Some include:

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