The Boston School Founder and Teachers
Rose Anne Nassif Travers - Zurich, Switzerland
Founder: All-rounder & Communication Training Design Specialist

In the year 2000, Rose took steps to make her vision of owning a language school come true and founded The Boston School. 

She feels fortunate to be able to assist students in finding their "voice" in English and is proud to have accompanied them on the road to reaching their professional or academic goals.

German or French is used at beginner level classes but then slowly removed as the students' confidence level and understanding improves. She likes to give her students the opportunity to speak about their daily lives and experiences in order to speedy up the students' ability to speak and write about topics that matter to them.

Rose has a Bachelor's Degree in Music from Boston University with a minor in French.  Moving to Switzerland in 1991,  she later attained her CELTA in 1995 to launch her teaching career when moving from Geneva to Zurich. 

Her previous work experience working as an instructional designer at a start-up telecom company gave her the experience and know-how to design courses as well as gain insight into developing a growing business and project management.

With a solid foundation of providing quality English lessons to employees, executives and CEO's alike, The Boston School is taking steps to grow a team of like-minded teachers with various talents to extend the school's reach throughout Switzerland.


Melissa Weaver-  Administrative Coordinator, Event Manager and English Teacher 
Sharp, communicative administrator, fully dedicated

Rose's right hand woman, Melissa works as the coordinator and administrative trainer for our teachers. She has proven to be a valuable asset in the school's recent expansion. She provides support in developing standardized administrative processes and works closely with each teacher to make sure all Microsoft Office and Dropbox tools are used properly.

Originally from Los Angeles, California, Melissa obtained two Bachelor degrees in English and French in Southern California, then acquired her Master's Degree in Comparative Literature, studying in San Francisco as well as the Sorbonne in Paris.  She has also worked as a lecturer and instructor at several top universities in France teaching a wide variety of subjects from American Culture to International Negotiation.  In addition to teaching, Melissa has been an administrator and director for the past five years in Paris at a Franco-American university exchange program.

Melissa has recently received her CELTA diploma so that she is now ready to begin teaching English for The Boston School. Melissa can also be seen hosting our "Aargau Hangout in English" monthly sessions in Baden and Aarau.

Terry Fazzard - ESL Teacher in Cantons of Zurich and Aarau
Former HR & IT Corporate Manager devoted to passing on his language knowledge as well as business and cultural wisdom

Between 2002-2005, after leaving the corporate world, Terry developed himself as an English teacher.  His qualifications include three teaching certificates:  the CELTA, SVEB1 and CERTEB - Certificate in teaching English for Business.  Since 2002, he has taught, coached and developed hundreds of English students. 

His students often remark over his carefully organized lessons which do not feel like a traditional English course and teach them exactly what they need.

Sara Cornforth, ESL Communication Coach and Teacher: Canton of Aarau
Dynamic Business English Teacher and Coach

Born just outside of London, England, Sara earned a BA in English Literature and then went on to get her full TEFL qualification in Barcelona, Spain. She spent 6 years living and working in Barcelona, gaining rich and varied experience as a Business English Teacher.

In 2010, Sara taught Professional English at Barcelona Football Club, training footballers and directors to handle the media, and has gained valuable experience working as an Executive Assistant and Brand Guardian at a multinational cosmetics packing company, travelling the world in charge of trade shows and corporate networking events.

Through her direct business experience and work as an English teacher, Sara’s passion lies in tailoring courses to business professionals’ needs.   Her aim is to boost her students’ careers and assist them in realizing their potential.


Sylvia Weismiller, Our ESL Teacher for Canton of Baselland
Years of experience teaching students as well as training English teachers 

Receiving her Bachelor's in Asian Studies and Civilization from the University of British Columbia in Canada, Sylvia spent a year teaching English in China soon afterwards and has been teaching English in Switzerland since 1998.  

Sylvia takes on the responsiblity of offering all lessons running at our major client's headquarters in Bubendorf.  Students enjoy Sylvia's calm patience which easily creates an environment of good rapport and trust with her students.  When she finds time in her busy schedule, she plans on becoming DELTA certified.  If you see her - aske her about her dogs - they definitely play an important part in Sylvia's family.


Marcia Bauer-Kapanci - Geneva, Switzerland
Specializing in Advanced Business English and Exam Preparation

Marcia, born in South Africa and schooled in the USA, has taught English to students of all ages in both the private and public sectors in Geneva since 2001. Prior to her career in English language teaching, Marcia worked both in the USA and Switzerland as a qualified nurse. Fluent in both English and French, she also enjoys speaking Italian.   

Marcia's students are always very happy with her ability to support their needs and her great sense of humor keeps the students looking forward to their next class.

The Boston School is very happy to have such a confident and reliable teacher on their staff like Marcia.
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Rose Nassif Travers, OwnerMelissa Weaver, Admin Trainer and Event ManagerTerry Fazzard, English Teacher - Zurich and AargauSara Cornforth, English Teacher - AargauSylvia Weismiller, English Teacher - BasellandMarcia Bauer-Kapanci, English Teacher, Geneva