What does The Boston School offer?

Precision level assessment and grouping of students.

There's nothing worse than being part of a course whose participants have various levels.  Of course, everyone has their strengths and weaknesses, however, if students are not properly grouped, the group as a whole as well as individual students can suffer.

This means offering not only a reputable pre-assessment test developed by the University of Cambridge ESOL examinations but also taking the opportunity to get to know the student and their personal aims before a course begins during their speaking assessment test and the day's first class. 

Writing tests are also conducted for intermediate and above levels.

We make the course relevant.

The Boston School and its teachers provide their own material which has been developed in Swiss companies over the years which are skill-focused and supplement Oxford and Cambridge University Press coursebooks. Our material allows students to discuss specific issues and act out role plays pertinent to their daily work.  All class discussions are treated as highly confidential.

We offer quality and measurable success.

Whether or not students wish to enroll in an official Cambridge exam or take an end-of-the-year course exam provided by The Boston School - a student's progress can be measured and awarded certificates for their hard work.

Below you will find a link to the description of the European Union's standardized assessment tool - the Common European Framework (CEFR) which is used by The Boston School and by institutions throughout the world to assess course material and student language skills:
Common European Framework und Cambridge Exams : Levels A1 - C2

Last but most essentially - a bit of heart.

Let us not forget - learning English needs to be more than just business - it needs to be about people.  A teacher is not only an instructor and a language not only words - but heart and personality. 

We want the classroom experience to be holistic and not just a means to learn a list of words or memorize grammar rules.  It is through storytelling, joking, and using personality that brings language and the classroom alive.  It's the "je ne sais quoi" essence of the lesson that makes it all worth everyone's while.

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