Who are we? And where are we based?

The Boston School GmbH is an English language school founded by Rose Nassif Travers, born in Boston, Massachusetts.  She moved to Switzerland in 1991 and established the school in 2000 in Zurich, Switzerland.

From its humble beginnings, when the classroom was the owner's living room, The Boston School  today has grown into a small team of experienced English teachers, providing on site English courses at Swiss SME's and Swiss subsidiaries of large international corporations throughout Switzerland.

Are we right for you?

Are you looking for quality English courses for your staff?  Do your employees need to handle calls and meetings with clients or board members?  Read and write e-mails and reports with less hesitation? 

We can assist in obtaining these critical communicating skills and we do so with strong commitment and passion.

This is what we can offer:

  • Teachers who have anywhere from 5 to 20 years of experience teaching English to adults.  Most with business experience of their own, having worked in larger companies or institutions in non-teaching positions.

  • A partner relationship that helps when change is afoot, whether it be when there is a new CEO at the helm, a company going through an acquisition or during a downturn in the market.  We pride ourselves in designing pricing strategies and offers that adapt to your changing needs.

Case Studies

Is The Boston School the right fit for your company?  Here are 3 case studies to help visualize how The Boston School and its team of teachers may be able to help your staff improve their English communication skills needed for colleagues, suppliers and clients based in Europe and around the world.  Click here.