The Boston School is a private English school based in Zurich, Switzerland, which offers internal language company courses for international SME's on a long term basis.

Our success factors are:

  • Investing time to understand the learning goals of the students; keeping track of the students' progress and testing students to make sure their goals are reached.

  • Providing reliable and flexible instructors who travel to various business locations; deliver course content which meets the high expectations and doing so without exceeding the agreed budget.

  • Offering support of students through flexible programs and experienced instructors who know the student and company needs.

  • Private lessons which can also be arranged either at  a student's home or at the office.

Our Latest News!

As of 12 October 2016, The Boston School has become a GmbH - a limited liability company. In 2017 we are looking to offer more services and appeal to more clients.  If you know of any company that may be interested in offering afforable English courses to their employees - please contact us.

We will also be updating and modernizing our website and social media presence. We look forward to a great year ahead!

Hangout in English!

We take having fun in  English outside of the classroom seriously!  That is why our teachers volunteer once a month to run our Hangout in English sessions.

"Hanging out" means to get together in an informal way without too much planning in advance.  It also is about being with people you like and talking about every day stuff.

At our "Hangout in English!" sessions, it is a great way to practice small talk and meet interesting people.  Some are newcomers to Zurich, looking to get to know the area.  Others return back home to Switzerland after a long time living abroad and want a way to keep their English fresh.

Our Zurich branch now has over 400 members .  In March 2016 we launched a new Hangout in English!  group for those living in Aargau.   to benefit from working with a teacher face-to-face at least twice a month.

To find out more please visit our "Hangout in English!" page.

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